Flight Attendant jobs are one of the most demand in the world. Actually, thousands of hopeful candidates use every year to obtain the career of their dreams flying throughout the globe to unique locations and also getting paid for it.

So if you are among the extremely lucky applicants who are invited for an airline interview or to a Flight Attendant Evaluation Day then you had much better be well prepared. The thing is, there might be thousands of other prospects who have actually currently been employed in this placement by other airline companies so you are up against experienced prospects are well as newbies, like yourself.

I actually can not worry sufficiently about the need for you to be definitely 100% well-groomed on your airline company interview or assessment day. All airlines anticipate their traveling teams to provide a professional and elegant picture as airline company branding is now all important in the very affordable air travel world.

Exactly how to Outfit for Your Airline Meeting

Remember, YOU are the airline company’s ambassador aboard the aircraft as well as what you do will certainly have a direct impact on whether those consumers will select to take a trip once more with your airline company. Shed profits typically mean lost work!

Always play it safe and use company attire, a fit constantly excites recruiters (even though some airlines in fact have informal attire, you require to dress properly for your job interview). Make sure it’s tidy and also has no missing out on switches or spots, as it’s usually the small details the airline recruiters observe initially.

1. Hair

It goes without claiming that your hair ought to always be spick-and-span. If your hair is longer than shoulder size it’s ideal to place it up in a bun (or doughnut as it’s affectionately known) as this offers the impact you’ve taken some time to be a specialist and offers the best impression.

2. Make-up

Makeup should constantly be applied – however not exaggerated. Most airline companies choose their Flight Attendants to use cosmetics, specifically lipstick as once more it can fit around their ‘branding’ image of the beauty connected with flying (although nowadays, it really is extra hard work aboard than glamorous!).

3. Footwear

Shoes, naturally, must be clean and refined – this is one big free gift on your focus to information – so see to it you have dark service footwear prepared. They do not need to be costly, they simply have to be made for business usage and also not casual.

4. Tattoos

Many airline companies are very touchy regarding tattoos – if you have any type of program when you put on the airline’s uniform you will not obtain the task offer. Also, a very small tattoo can quit you from being chosen by your recommended airline if you can’t hide it. So if you do HAVE tattoos you might wish to attempt to hide them (it might function).

When I chose my interview to come to be a Flight Attendant some years ago among the women prospects had very few tattoos on her foot as well as the hiring manager really sent her house promptly – also before the start of the assessment day. So be alert! You may locate it beneficial to browse online for firms like Flyagogo who sell items as well as cosmetics to conceal any type of tattoos you might carry show if you do have a tattoo.