Online horse racing betting


American races are excellent for online horse racing because they bring together the best horses in the world. In addition, many houses, allow you to watch the horse races in streaming while you bet. It’s an experience you can’t miss. Find out how to make horse racing bets on this page.

To make bets on horses you have two basic options:

  • Go to a licensed racetrack and place your horse bets while enjoying the atmosphere.
  • Make bets on horse races online from your home or any other place with an internet connection thanks to your Smartphone.

On this page we are going to focus on online horse racing betting. However, much of what we say is also valid for those who go to watch horse races at the racetrack.

No matter which bookmaker you register with to place online horse racing bets, here are the steps to follow:

  • Register with your real details
  • Make an income, as if you were shopping at an Amazon-type online store
  • Find the race you want and click on your favorite horse
  • Enter the amount you want to bet, hit the confirm button and…
  • Wait for the result. If you win, you don’t have to do anything, the money from your horse racing winnings will be automatically transferred to your betting house account.


Generally, different types of bets can be made on American races in online horse racing.

We can divide bets on online horse racing into two main categories:

  • Direct horse bets
  • Combined horse betting


Straightforward horse bets are those you make on a single horse. What the others do won’t matter too much to you.

In turn, straight horse bets have several types:

Winner: They are the most common in both online horse racing bets and horse racing bets at the racetrack itself. They simply consist of betting on the horse that will pass through the finish line first.

Second: You bet that your horse finishes the race in first or second position, no matter which one.

Third: Same as second, but adding the third position to the winning options.

Sometimes, online horse racing houses call these bets Placed. It all depends a bit on the translations, but that’s the idea of the bets.


The other variant of the horse bets are the combined bets. In them, the luck of your horse bets depends on more than one horse. This makes them have higher odds. That is to say, if you win them your money will be multiplied by a higher number.

Quinella: In these bets you must select the two horses that will finish first and second, no matter the order.

Exact: You must also select the first two horses, but this time you must also guess which one will be first and which one second.

Trifecta: It consists of predicting the horses that will occupy the first three positions.

Superfecta: This is an emblematic type of bet because it is one of the ones that offers more potential winnings. It consists of guessing the horses that will be in the first four positions.

In addition, some online horse racing companies also offer the possibility of betting on several races.


The most important recommendations when making horse racing bets are the same as in any other type of bet.

In fact, in many cases you could apply these tips even to investment:

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose: If losing a bet is going to ruin your day, you’re betting too much. Equestrian bets are there to be enjoyed, and winning should give you joy, but losing shouldn’t affect you.

Don’t try to win back losses: Most players lose a lot of money when they try to win back losses.

Humans tend to increase the risk taken irrationally. We think that if we are in a bad patch, it has to end in the next bet. Therefore, we believe that it is worth betting more.

This is a very serious mistake. Just because you’ve lost five or ten bets in a row doesn’t mean you’re going to win the next one.

Take advantage of online horse racing betting promotions: Many bookmakers are now starting to offer their services online and to attract new players they offer good welcome bonuses.

Check the latest horse results: If you are going to bet, do it for a horse that is in good shape. Usually, the houses that offer horse racing online also offer statistics.

Always check the odds against the odds: The favorite horse wins in less than 40% of the races. This means that, no matter how favorite it is, the odds must be high.

Make your estimation of the percentage of winning possibilities and compare it to the odds to calculate if the mathematical hope of the bet would be positive.


The truth is that it is difficult to say which are the best American races to bet on online horse racing because it will always be something subjective.

However, as good fans, we have our own list and we share it with you so you can have a reference. In time, you will surely make your own list of good American races.

Kentucky Derby

It offers an excellent prize to the winner and this attracts the best figures of each moment. The atmosphere and impact of these races is spectacular.

Santa Anita Derby

It also offers an excellent prize with which fantastic horses come. Plus, if you go in person to see these iconic American races, when they are over, you can go to the casinos in Los Angeles.

Belmont Stakes

It’s the oldest race in the US and one of the most prestigious. In recent years WinStar Farm has been winning with some frequency, so keep an eye on your horses.