Royal Races

Visiting Royal Ascot not for the first year. And for readers Zima has made a list of 10 tips for those who only discover the atmosphere of royal races. Tickets are on sale now, hurry up.

Royal Ascot is on the list of the most popular events in the so-called “social season”. The term is taken from the household of British aristocrats. Traditionally, in summer they organize a series of events designed to have a good time and marry children.

It is especially prestigious to have a queen or royal family present. Horse racing in Ascot is a great chance to see her with your own eyes.

How’s Ascot doing?

The spectator part of the racetrack in Ascot, to describe it very simply, consists of four parts. The main one, which is located at the entrance, buys food and champagne.

Once bought, the spectators with tickets go to their seats. “Boxes” three: democratic, middle and royal. Royal tickets aren’t for sale, they get here by invitation.

That is, if you want to buy a ticket to the Royal Races in Ascot, you just choose from two zones, which in English are called ‘enclosures’.

Which ticket should I choose?

It’s simple with the purchase. And although there are many options on the website, in fact, the most important difference is that some are cheaper and others more expensive.

Windsor Enclosure is the most economical box. Tickets here cost £44 per person and you only pay to enter. Food and drink for you in the common area at the entrance. This is the most popular area and usually all pictures of British ‘ladies’ in hats with their skirts pulled up on the grass are from here. There are a lot of people here and they are having fun. Suitable for those who not only tolerate this atmosphere but even love it.

“Queen Anne Enclosure” is the middle bed. It’s less crowded and the ticket costs £84, it’s only for the entrance. Here you pay for the opportunity to breathe more freely and not feel like being on the subway. Suitable for those who like peace and quiet.

In the Royal Zone, we remind you, tickets are not for sale. But the races themselves are approximately equally well visible from all three venues.

There is an additional type of ticket – ‘Village Enclosure’. Roughly speaking, it’s for those who didn’t have enough tickets. There are screens with a broadcast. You won’t see anything live.

What day do you want to go?

All days are the same. Except one. June 21st, ‘Ladies Day’. It’s the day when all the British nobles come to the races. There are more people, hats are brighter and more extravagant, lines are longer and the concentration of fun is at its limit.

You like that? Get tickets to the 21st. You want to pose for three hours, you want to pose at some other time.

Do you need coupons and discounts?

Tickets in combination with different types of offers and “discounts” on Ascot are very likely to mean that your day will be ruined. A huge event, thousands of people, it automatically means that even with paid lunch in advance in the ticket you can easily spoil your nerves when something goes wrong. Focus on the spot. Then the price will match the quality.

How do you get there?

By car or train. You’ll have to pay for parking in Ascot. But it is also quite convenient. It’s worth considering that Ascot has one road and on royal racing days everyone drives it. I mean, there’s traffic.

Trains to Ascot from London’s Waterloo station depart very often and arrive at a point which is a two-minute walk from the entrance to the racetrack. Given the traffic, this is a very convenient way to get to the event. Train tickets can be bought directly from the station at the vending machine. Naturally, it’s better to take it back and forth. Details on the link.

Do you take your picnic food with you?

Many take sandwiches and champagne with them and start celebrating on the train. Those who come by car often start right in the park parking lot. Position yourself under a tree and start the dissection safely.

I want to take my mother’s pies, take them! And drink champagne on the way! That’s what everyone does!

Besides, these days, the rules at the racetrack are very humane. You can bring food, blankets and one bottle of champagne per adult.

What’s the dress code?

Since the queen is present at the event, there is a dress code. And they’ve been updated a lot lately. Zima has already written about the new styligide for Royal Ascot 2018.

The basic rules for women – knees and shoulders should be closed, the neckline should be modest, the headdress should not be less than 10 cm in diameter.

Rules for men – suit and hat.

In general, if you really want, you can pass in a miniskirt, no one will be lucky to the police, but they can give an extra skirt, as in monasteries.

Without too much trouble, dress as you would dress for the wedding to… mother. And don’t forget your hat!

See the Queen and Lords

There is a small lawn in the common trade area. Right in the middle, impossible to miss. It’s fenced, you can’t go in there without a special invitation. But this is where the Queen and her family arrive between 11am and 2pm. If you take a seat by the lawn fence in advance, you can see the queen and wave to her.